Setting up your own brokerage, adding insurance to your financial planning or accounting business, or moving into insurance for a career change are all great opportunities. However, General insurance can be a large and complex world - that's why people engage Insurance Brokers! 

With 20 years' experience in the industry - both working for Brokers and Insurance companies - Strive Insurance's Director Jamie Fluke can help make your transition easier through his mentoring and support service. 

The Mentoring Service is tailored based on your individual needs and experience. Jamie can provide guidance and support for:

  • Client Needs Analysis 
  • Client Risk Assessment
  • Policy Wordings and Structures
  • Claims Management
  • Compliance
  • Networking - know which insurers to go to for which types of cover
  • Systems and processes

Mentoring is available in:

  • The 6 hour Flexible Package - The hours can be used as needed until the full package has been used. You can continue purchasing packages for as long as you need them. [Recommended]
  • The Ad Hoc Package - No minimum or maximum hours, you're billed on a monthly basis for whatever time you've used that month
  • The Regular Package - Choose from weekly, fortnightly or monthly mentoring sessions. A minimum number of sessions apply. 

Mentoring sessions can occur via phone, video conferencing/Skype or face to face (Travel costs will apply outside of the ACT).